7th International Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession

Location: IRIB Int'l Conference Center

Time: 19-20 July 2018

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Int’l Conference on Personal and Organizational Change Management

Location: Tehran - Iran

Time: 17 August 2018

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South Korea Int'l Study & Business Trip

Location: South Korea

Time: 9-15 Sep. 2018

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2nd Global Executive MBA NEOMA Business School

Location: Tehran - Iran

Time: September 2018 - December 2019

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DBA Ipag Business School

Location: Tehran

Time: December 2017 - December 2019

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The 10th World Management Forum

In the 10th consecutive year, the 10th World Management Forum was held on 1-2 February 2018

The First Presence of the Inventor of “Mind Mapping” in Iran

The Int’l Conference on Mind Mapping (the Power of Creativity and Innovation) was held on 15 December 2017...


Brian Tracy

CEO of Brian Tracy International America's Best Self-help Author and Motivational Speaker

Sepehr Tarverdian Thank you for everything! Since I met you in 2008, I have known that you are a real professional. This seminar has been excellent, well-managed and well-organized in every detail. You made several promises and commitments, and you kept every one of them. I look forward to returning to Tehran to work with you, your talented staff, and your wonderful audience for many years into future. Congratulations!


Randy Gage

Network Marketing Founder Bestselling Athor

Dear Sepehr Tarverdian, I love what you are doing and the area of the world you are doing it in. You and your whole team can be most proud. Thanks for the chance to work with you. Do. Epic. Work.


Jack Canfield

Author of the best-seller book series "Chicken Soup for Soul

To my new beloved Iranian friends I have enjoyed myself immensely having my too few days with you. I have rarely met people who are so warm, so gracious, such wonderful and hospitable hosts. I will always remember my time here with great love in my heart. I am grateful for all the hard work that was done by so many to make my event a great success. Everyone came from an attitude of service, always ready to jump in and help at a moment’s notice. What touched me most was how open, joyful and loving everybody seemed.


Dr.John Demartini

American's Author of 42 International Best-sellers and a speaker at "SECRET"

Sepehr Your vision, your mission, your team and organization is first class. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to share my heart with your lovely audience filled with the special people of Iran.


Nik Halik

First Civilian Trained Astronaut, Founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Institute

Dare to Dream. Live with Passion. Thank you for being a Rock Star in all that you do Thank you for inviting me to magical IRAN. Iran Rocks.


Allan Pease

World's number one body language speaker

You only ever meet a few people in life who are great to be around, fun to work with and are a great joker! You are one of them mate. This is my 3rd trip to Iran and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. You run a great ship with terrific staff that all make it a pleasure to be here. You will go on to do great things Sepehr


Anthony Thomson

Founder and Chairman of Atom Bank

To Sepehr and all at Hamayesh Farazan, When I first visited Tehran in 2012 I was a little nervous. However the warmth and hospitality extended to me by everyone I have met, has made me a great friend of the people of Iran. Without doubt, you organize one of the best conferences in the world. I've been lucky enough to speak in every continent and no one organizes a better event. Thank you for inviting me. Best Wishes


Prof. Luis Huete

Harvard University Professor

My dear Iranian friends I am so thankful for your invitation to come to Tehran! I am impressed by your professionalism and touched by your human quality. Business is the strangest force shaping the quality of our society. We have to upgrade business through management training if we want to have a better country and a better world. Please count on me on that invaluable purpose. We have to lift the human spirit through better leadership. God blessed you all


Reg Athwal

Chairman of 'RAW Group' the ‘TAO-Inc.’ Family Office

Dear Dream Team, It has been a pleasure to be invited back to the WMF in Iran. The team are all very professional, humble and courteous. What makes the event even more special is the interaction with all the other speakers. Keep up the great job. We are all making a massive contribution to thousands of people. In many years we will realize the real difference we have made.


Joseph Sherren

Ex-Sales and Marketing Director of IBM

Sepehr Thank you sir so much ….. Thank you for being such a professional Thank you for inviting me to Iran Thank you for your great leadership Thank you for your support Thank for being a great friend You are a great leader, entrepreneur & visionary. Your team of employees are the best I have worked with anywhere in the world.


Bob Urichuk

A Professional MPI Platinum Speaker, on Sales, Motivation, Leadership & Team Skills

Sepehr, Thank you for inviting me back to Iran for the 3rd time. Every time I learn more about your culture, you and your events. Each time I have been pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism from you and your team. The events are well promoted, organized and you are a man of your word. Congratulations on a job well done


Peter Sage

International Best Selling Author of the Supreme Physique, Lessons Learned from the Recession & 5 Keys to Master Your Life

My dear friend Sepehr There are few men who have the vision to inspire a country. There are fewer who actually take the action, follow through and make it happen! The ripples of contribution that spread across the sea of humanity travel future because of you. Keep shining your light buddy. It’s a pleasure to be a small part of a great team. With Passion, Purpose & Panache


Peter Van Kets

One of South Africa’s top Adventurers Winner of the unsupported Woodvale Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race

Dear Sepehr This has been one of the most remarkable trips & conferences ever! You & your team are totally responsible for this. Thank you! Tehran is a beautiful city & so are the people. Your organization of this sales and marketing conference was world class & excellence in the highest degree. I look forward to perhaps returning one day! “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” LIVE A LIFE LESS ORDINARY All the best


Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

World Champion in Memorizing Names, Faces and Random Words

Dear Sepehr I highly thank you for the possibility to visit Iran. The memory conference was an amazing event, fantastic audience, terrific venue and superbly organization! You managed to bring five "Memory Guys" on one stage for the 1st time ever. THANK YOU!


David Thomas

World Memory Championships Medalist & 2007 US Memory Champion

Sepehr and the gang Once again, thank you for the life affirming chance to speak for you. It is you, your passion and energy that drive forward this adventure. Your sense of humor and directness are cracking. You insult like a Yorkshire-man! I will never forget you asking if I had moved to a village. You deserve the recognition and plaudits. I hope I continue to play a tiny walk on the part that is life movie of Sepehr Tarverdian


Dominic O'Brien

The Eight Time World Memory Champion

Dear Sepehr You certainly know how to run a conference. A very sleek operator, I’m extremely impressed by your professionalism. Thank you for the opportunity to speak in your exciting city of Tehran. The audience were thirsty to learn, welcoming and enthusiastic. This is a memory I am going to share with many people around the world. Congratulation and success for the future 8 Times World Memory Champion THANK YOU!


Tansel Ali

3-Time Australian Memory Champion in 2008, 2011, 2013

Dear Sepehr & Team I have been overwhelmed by your Professionalism, hospitality and learning experience that is unparalleled, through your conference. This memory and stress conference being a "World first" puts Iran on the map and will pave the way for further inspiration from within and outside the country. Well done and congratulation on an exceptional job.


Adrian Furnham

An International Conference Speaker & Professor in Psychology in the University of London

As a regular International Conference Speaker, I have delighted by the quality of support I received. This conference has been brilliantly planned and delivered. I know the speakers have enjoyed great support and hospitality and the audience is equally positive


Carlos Escario

Founder of Servicios Logísticos Integrados S.A.

Dear Sepehr What you are building is legendary. You have put together a team of giants and you share inspiring contexts for leaders to learn, grow and serve. I have not experienced ever a powerful focus on making a difference in the world anywhere else. Keep up with the good work. You still have lots to give and share. I am grateful to having met you


Markus Kramer

Global Marketing Director of Aston Martin

Dear Sepehr and Team! It is great to come to a place and destination where you feel well taken care of and welcome. I thought the presentation and information leading up to the event were great. Arriving and check-in were seamless! The venue is great, but what impressed me the most was the hospitality and the hunger of the audience to learn and engage. It is a pleasure to be here. Thank you


Beat Buehlmann

it's a great networking opportunity

To Sepehr and the Team A big thank you for the great service and organization from hotel to visa to food to eat, all great. I appreciate also the high level speakers, it's a great networking opportunity. All the best and see you soon again


Pieter Geldenhuys

A Well-known Speaker, Academic, Innovation Expert & Futurist.

It truly was one of the most fascinating experiences to be part of the 1st Future studies Conference in Tehran. Congratulations to Sepehr and his team for an unforgettable experience and a truly successful conference.


Pero Micic

A Founding Member of the Association of Professional Futurists

Dear Hamyesh Farazan, Thank you very much for a great experience. Have a bright future.


David Smith

A Futurologist & Regular International Conference Keynote Speaker

This is my first time in Iran. I've been impressed and delighted with the hospitality, intent and engagement of our hosts, the delegates at our conference and the sponsors. I can look the future conference next year with great optimism and enthusiasm.


Tom Stoyan

Award-winning Sales Professional & Outstanding Referral-Generating Professional

Thank you so much for the invitation to speak at your conference. I met some wonderful people- both conference members and staff. Sepehr you should be very proud! Tom Stoyan Canada’s Sales Couch


Bill Gibson

The Chairperson of Knowledge Brokers International

Sepehr and Team, I am humbled by the royal treatment you gave me. You and your team are truly professional and you orchestrated one of the finest two days conferences I had ever spoken at. Thank you and I appreciate the guidance as well Bill Gibson May 27 2016


Simon Moores

An International Keynote Conference Speaker & Regular Chair of the Annual International eCrime Congress

Dear Sepehr and Company, Thank you for your wonderful introduction to Iran and the opportunity of presenting to your conference held in Tehran on the Future and Technology.


Nick Binedell

Strategic Leadership Professor at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science

Dear Sepehr and Team, Thank you for the invitation to share a few thoughts with (the) Iranian executives at this important time of change (which) is almost everything we do. We have enjoyed both the warmth and hospitality as well as the very professional way this has been arranged. Our first visit to Iran has been a wonderful experience long awaited, and we look forward to coming back after this first taste of the country I have long been fascinated by. Very Best Wishes


Andrew Grill

Global Managing Partner with IBM Social Consulting

What an amazing experience! Sepehr and team looked after every detail before and during the event. A well-organized 2 days and it was also great to meet so many fabulous speakers. Keep Disrupting and Remember "to Get Digital. You need to BE DIGITAL"


Dov Baron

International Speaker for over 30 years The Bestselling Author of, Fiercely Loyal, How High Performing Companies Develop & Retain Top Talent

Loved Being Here. Amazing Event. Amazing Organization. I loved Iranian people and their wonderful curiosity. Thank you Sepehr for the opportunity to serve you and your fabulous team. With Gratitude and Respect


7th International Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession

IRIB Int'l Conference Center

, 19-20 July 2018

The most updated methods on how to increase and retain customers at the time of recession will be taught by the best international speakers.

Educational Program

South Korea Int'l Study & Business Trip

South Korea

, 9-15 Sep. 2018

This Practical and educational tour will develop managers’ skills and vision by benchmarking from the world’s most renowned organizations.